Rotorua Wine & Food

Caf├ęs and restaurants line both sides of the lake end of Tutanekai St, which locals have coined 'The STReat'. Visitors will also find everything from traditional New Zealand dishes to authentic international cuisine.

Rotorua also has a variety of fine dining establishments for more formal occasions. These memorable restaurants often have a unique setting - overlooking the lake and city or within a restored Edwardian Villa.

A 'must try' whilst in Rotorua is the Hangi - where food is cooked the traditional Maori way. Pits are dug into the ground and laden with hot smouldering rocks. Succulent meats and vegetables are prepared and lowered into the pit. The pit is then sealed and the food is left to cook slowly below the ground.

For those interested in fishing in one of the eleven volcanic lakes surrounding Rotorua, there is every chance of a catch of rainbow trout. Visitors can arrange for a local chef to cook and serve it - this special service is standard practice in Rotorua!

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